Larissa & Roger

August 11th, 2018 | Itacaré - Bahia



Days left


Dear Friends and Family ,


Larissa and I are very happy you’ ll be joining us to celebrate our marriage . TXAI  is a special place where we have been before together and would love to share it with you .

TXAI  is an ancient greeting ,it means to reconnect and the  greeting  infers that  you are “ More than a friend , more than a brother or sister , the half of me that lives in me and that half of you that lives in me are reconnecting  once again “

The greeting is from the KASHINAWA . an indigenious tribe  from Northern Brazil . It is about unity and interconnectedness ,so it is rather apt for us that we will share this day in this place to which we ourselves will return and to which we will reconnect with all of you .

We look forward to see everyone soon “

Larissa e Roger



Luau with dinner

August 10th

Sunset time


Txai's Resort Itacaré private beach

Attire: comfortable




August 11th



Hotel Txai Resort Itacaré


Attire: no ties and thick heels



August 12th

8am to 12pm

Hotel Txai Resort Itacaré



Your Trip

Txai Hotel will be closed for our friends and family, we hope that you enjoy the wedding, Itacaré, beaches and the baiano’s hospitality.

Please let us if you need any suggestion or tips about the region.

If you have some extra time during your trip to Brazil and are able to take some extra day of vacation contact Matueté, our travel agency and they’ll be more than glad to help you. | +55 11 98406.1005


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